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Head Lice Removal: Over-The-Counter Remedies or Professional Services?

Head lice are not harmful, but extremely infectious. Removal is not fast, exciting or fun. But when a child or adult gets contaminated, it is important to fully get rid of all lice and nits (lice eggs). They will return in force sometimes even after you believed they were gone. What makes these parasites so tough to get rid of is the glue-like substance their nits use to attach themselves to the hair.

At first realization of a head lice emergency, you typically have three choices; Head to a neighborhood drug store to purchase over-the-counter removal products, try natural remedy treatments, or find yourself a lice treatment salon where a professional can remove them.

Over-The-Counter Home Remedies

Why use over-the-counter methods of treatment when there are numerous home remedies offered that not only get rid of parasites, but are better for you or your child’s health? Additionally, improper use of off-the-shelf products may harm and occasionally even burn the entire scalp. Headlice.org, a nonprofit health and education agency, points out:

“There aren’t any over-the-counter or prescription treatments to kill lice that are entirely secure and scientifically proven to be 100% effective against head lice and nits. These treatments are possibly harmful pesticides and dependence on these promotes repeated usage and leads to ongoing outbreaks, outbreaks and resistant strains of head lice. Different “natural” remedies are vigorously promoted on the Internet but we’ve found no scientific foundation for their promises or effectiveness and human security. Manual removal of the live lice and nits is your secure choice and a essential part of any head lice treatment regimen.”

Common Natural Alternative Treatments

Some try to suffocate lice with Vaseline, but this usually proves to be unsuccessful and just leaves parents with all the frustration of removing the jelly. Also, though touted on some websites, Mayonnaise has not been proven to be more powerful than over-the-counter products. However, at least it’s safer. For a healthier solution you can find natural products online. After trying a multitude, a few stand out. Nit Free brand is not only healthy, but works well. Also another highly rated product is the Fairy Tales Brand. They have great reviews on Amazon and are clinically proven to remove lice. Lastly, a new brand seems to be working extremely well called Dr. Z’s Lice Free. They not only have their own line of natural lice removal products, but offer some of the best lice services Concord and the surrounding area in California can offer. Just look at the reviews.

The 2017-18 Flu Season

2017-18 flu

This year has been one of the worst flu seasons in recent memory. From higher than usual mortality rates and airborne virus infecting people just by breathing, its not hard to see why so many people are taking more precaution than usual. Apparently the flu vaccine for this season didn’t cover the strain H3N2, which is the main variation reeking havoc on the U.S. population. I’m sure lots of people have many questions about how they can keep themselves and their families safe. As well as questions regarding what to do if you happen to be infected. Have no fear. We are posting a wonderful article from The Washington Post to help you stay informed. Flu Article

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