How to Explain Crypto Business Promotion to Your Mom



Though your Mom may not be technically savvy, she probably does know a bit about how technology works. And what better place to show her how crypto works than with the help of crypto igaming -friendly websites like CryptoDetail.

1. Use the Adage “You Have to Walk Before You Can Run”

Explain to your Mom how Bitcoin works. Explain that it’s essentially a digital currency and that when you purchase bitcoins, you gain access to the decentralized ledger called the Blockchain. Get her up to speed on the various methods of earning bitcoins, including using a bitcoin faucet, farming them or buying them on an exchange.

2. Steer Clear of Convincing Her It’s Profitable

Mom may be confused about what exactly you’re talking about when you say “crypto.” Don’t lead her astray with tales of riches. You can tell her that you’re bullish on digital assets but don’t get her all worked up about it. Steer clear of the word “crypto” altogether.

3. Take note of Her Reaction to What You Say

You may have to embellish a bit when you explain how the blockchain works and what transactions are like, but don’t exaggerate it beyond belief. If she’s all receptive, don’t be afraid to embrace the more technical terms (such as hash rates, mining and mining pools). But if she gets flustered, drop that term completely as it may not only scare her off but also make you look ridiculous in front of your peers. Our site list is here.

4. Practice Safety in Words

Be sure to clarify that the information you’re giving is not for trading purposes. The moment you say “I’m not trading this” or “I’m only using it for speculation,” you’ll draw your mom’s attention to the fact that you’re engaged in such activity. The last thing you want is for her to think that you’re a risky investment and, at worst, sever ties with you altogether.

5. Make Sure Your Mom Understands Your Crypto-Related Job

Don’t make it seem like she doesn’t have a role in your crypto-related business. Whether she’s just interested or actually wants to help, make sure she knows that you need her assistance to keep the business running. Explain crypto-related work in terms of how it will provide for your future, not just how it makes you feel good about yourself and your success.

6. Don’t Let Her Off the Hook

Once Mom gets down the basics of crypto, go ahead and ask her if she thinks you should build a blog like CryptoDetail so you can reach a wider audience. If she makes only a token inquiry into your business plan, don’t let it go at that. Make her really understand what you’re doing and how it will affect the rest of your life.

7. Don’t Try to Impress Her

As soon as you start trying to impress Mom with the details of how crypto works, you’re in trouble. Even if you can wow her with your knowledge, this isn’t what she needs or wants most. Your business plan needs to focus on the important part of making money: getting customers and increasing revenue. You don’t get them by impressing your Mom with your knowledge of mining or mining pools; that’s just showing off for manual backlinks.

8. Never Lie to Your Mom

Don’t lie about how much money you make or how much money you expect to make from crypto trading . Your Mom will know if you’re trying to pull one over on her. If she has concerns about how much money you make, explain that you have expenses and that this is the way to keep your business afloat.

9. Avoid the “I’m Going to be a Millionaire” Approach

You don’t have to sound like a greedy, money-hungry scoundrel all the time. However, your Mom would definitely know if you’re lying or exaggerating about how much money you’ve made with crypto trading. Be honest and open with your Mom but don’t lie about what’s going on in your business. Don’t get yourself into trouble with exaggerations either – she’ll be able to see right through them.

10. Don’t B.S. Your Mom

Crypto trading is exciting stuff and the blockchain is a pretty new technology but don’t over-complicate it for your Mom. If she has questions, answer them honestly and openly but keep your answers brief. She just wants to make sure that you’re being responsible with money and that you’re not spending it all at once on online games or something else that doesn’t take responsibility seriously.


Even if your Mom is technically savvy, she’s probably not a crypto trader. Though she may not understand exactly what you’re doing in your business, spend some time with her and explain how crypto works. If she’s receptive to the idea, don’t be afraid to get a little technical with her. It’s not all about bitcoin and other digital currencies, but your Mom doesn’t need to know that. Just answer her most basic questions honestly and don’t paint the picture of a crypto-scam. She’ll be okay with your digital coins for Bitcoin and she’ll come along with you on your journey to make more from crypto trading .


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