How To Get Canning Lids Bulk?

After the pandemic time when people started staying more at home and became habitual of eating food at home, the food storage trend increased a lot. Now foods are canned, mostly daily intake of fruits and vegetables. 

The need of storing food and canning products has increased buying of canning jars and canning lids bulk. You can reuse the jar but the canning lids are non-reusable so you must have them in bulk for future use. 

The given article provides you with complete guidelines about the lids of different shapes, sizes, and materials you can get online easily. 

Get Canning Lids Bulk Online

Now you don’t need to visit stores or travel just to get canning jars or lids. From an efficient online store like Alibaba, you will have a variety of canning lids bulk options. Following are the canning lids you can get from Alibaba: 

  1. Stainless Steel Sprouting Lids

These lids are available for canning as well as for mason jars. They are customizable which means that you can add your company logo or name to them.  As the name indicates they are made of stainless steel which does not rust at all. 

  • They are non-spill
  • They have a size of 70mm/68mm 
  • Their price is US$0.89-US$0.92 / piece
  1. Plastic Screw Cap Jar Lids 

As the name indicates they are plastic lids. These lids are best for jam jar bottles.  They are also customizable and for commercial use. They offer a non-spill feature so you can easily use them for storage of any fluid. 

  • It has a size of 56mm/ 68mm
  • Its cost is US$0.09 per piece
  • It is composed of PP plastic
  1. Pull Ring Canning Jar Lids

This new arrival is specifically for meat Canning where you can peel off the can easily. You can customize these lids for your business if you need them. They have good commercial quality. They have a great ability to offer you non-spill features.

  • They are composed of Tinplate metal 
  • They are in round shape. 
  • They are 86mm wide
  • They cost US$0.09-US$0.18 / piece
  1. Recyclable Regular Canning Jars Lids

Usually, canning lids are not recyclable and when you open the jar the lid becomes useless. But here you have the option to buy recyclable lids. They are available in regular Canning jar mouth sizes. 

  • They are leaked proof
  • They have a strong sealing capacity 
  • They are composed of Tinplate
  • Their price ranges from $0.18 to $ 0.15 per piece 
  1. Reusable Bamboo Mason Jar Lid With Straw Hole

These are also reusable lids Which means that after use you don’t have to waste them. They are for wide-mouth jars or bottles. An amazing feature of these lids is that they have a straw hole so besides using them as a storing jar you can use them for direct usable material. 

  • They are 86mm/70mm wide 
  • They are composed of Bamboo wood
  • They are non-spill
  • They cost US$0.34-US$0.50 / piece

Ending Remarks

Canning lids have become a useful household item nowadays. You can easily get it from an online store like Alibaba. At Alibaba, you will have different available options of sizes, materials, and need some of which are described in the above article. 

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