The 9 Key Advantages to Video Advertising

Advertising and marketing are essential for the continued growth of a business and its relevant engagement with the target audience. Video advertising is a predominant tool with several advantages due to its high engagement. Videos are a crucial online marketing strategy and give flexibility to businesses to present the content in versatile forms. With the dominance of technology and accessibility to smartphones, video marketing offers a competitive advantage over traditional modes of advertising. 

Here are the key benefits of adopting video advertising over other online advertising campaigns.

1. Sets in perfectly with consumer psychology

One of the best ways to reach the target audience is to give them a visual picture rather than asking them to read and research. Videos are a more attractive advertising tool as they connect emotionally with consumers. According to a report by Deloitte, 80% of consumers in the U.S are paying for streaming video services. 

The increased reliance on mobile phones has made it more conducive to creating video advertisements and reaching the targeted audience. Consumers invest more time watching a video rather than reading something, making it more logical to up the video advertising game for brands. Videos deliver the message right and make it enjoyable with visuals and voice.

2. Videos are device friendly 

It is easy to create and edit a video optimized for various devices, including mobile phones, PC, and tablets, with many facebook ad creator. Short video ads on mobile devices have helped increase the video’s reach and create brand awareness. The advances in smartphones have evolved the use of videos for advertising. 

Unlike traditional video advertisements on television, which cost a lot, app-based and mobile compatible videos are cheaper and more effective online marketing strategies. According to Statista, mobile video ads will account for 73% of the video ad spending with the rollout of the 5G technology and the growing use of mobile phones.

3. Versatile options of video ad placement 

The video ads can be placed in many ways, making them highly versatile and increasing reach. The precedented growth of video ads results from its placement across social media platforms, on streaming services, and strategic placement on search engines. 

Social network video ads are expected to jump exponentially due to their massive reach. It has become easy to place video ads on social networking sites and display them to a targeted audience.

4. Videos are highly shareable 

Videos are easy to share and hence garners more views and traffic, increasing the brands’ visibility. People who view the videos and find them interesting tend to share them across various social media platforms and embed them on websites. As the videos are shareable, it increases the video’s exposure exponentially.

5. Algorithm favors videos

The search engine and social media algorithms favor video content more than static images and written content. When sharing SEO-optimized videos, marketers advertising a brand with video ads help them stay ahead of the competitors. With the algorithms favoring short content videos, it helps in increasing the visibility and hence creates better awareness for a brand. For example, social media channels like Instagram prefer short-form video content like reels, which helps better branding.

6. Increased visibility and conversion

The increase in prominence of in-stream videos offers a broader opportunity for reaching a large audience. This helps advertisers to deliver and advertise through video ads across multiple platforms. The in-stream video ads are commercials placed before, after, and in between internet video, creating higher visibility and ultimate lead conversion. The higher the visibility, the more leads and overall conversion.

7. Easy to create, edit, and share

One of the best parts of video ads is that they are easier to create than one thinks. Creating exciting and engaging videos is easy with various online video makers. The video editing software does not require much learning curve and technical knowledge. 

The software comes with a range of in-built editing tools that help put the video snippets together, edit them for contrast, brightness, color, etc., add background music or voice-over, and share across multiple platforms. Unlike heavy technical expertise required previously, the easy-to-use video editing apps and software have made it convenient to create video ads in minutes with in-built templates.

8. Create versatile content

One of the best things about video advertising is that video can create and show versatile content. As videos incorporate audio and visuals, it is an excellent way to relay important information and effectively send the message. Videos give space and a platform to grab the consumer’s attention differently. Here are a few examples of video advertisements that have proved to be quite effective for brand promotion and creating higher engagement.

  • Guided video content is informative and helps consumers add value to their lives.
  • Storytelling videos that relay a message create brand awareness by entertaining the consumer, increasing the views, and ultimately sharing.
  • Educational videos help in imparting new information to the consumer.
  • Product and service promotional videos are the best way to tell target consumers something new.

9. Delivers more information

It is a fact that watching a video is less time-consuming and can deliver more information. A video advertisement conveys a tremendous amount of information quickly and is preferred more by the audience. It has a way of expressing something by showing and telling simultaneously. Videos offer flexibility in creating any branding-related content and represent it to the audience in an exciting manner. Even a short video of 30 seconds is enough to relay the necessary information. 

Final words 

Video advertising is one of the best tools for reaching the target audience as it creates higher engagement, delivers the right message, and has the potential for solid lead conversion. With the range of easy-to-use video makers, brands are growing by advertising through videos. With the revolutionary changes in technology, the predominant use of digital space, and the heavy reliance on smartphones, video ads tend to transform a brand through the right targeted marketing.

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