Look Dressed Up For the Parties with a Decent Cowboy Hat



Wranglers and ranchers use cowboy hats for multiple reasons: warmth, shade, protection from weather elements, waving at cattlemen from horseback, and much more. But what about you? What are your reasons for grabbing a cowboy hat? You will wear the headgear because you want to look trendy. You can style yourself with western cowboy hats by using the correct tips. 

It can effortlessly take your aesthetic appeal to the next level. Your style says a lot about your temperament and personality. You have to select your accessories wisely to create the right balance. When wearing hats, especially the women’s cowboy hat, you must be cautious of a few hat etiquettes. If you want to grab everyone’s attention, you must experiment with endless varieties of headwear.

Choose your fashion tool strategically

There are multiple options of cowboy hats you will encounter in the market. The right one requires effort and time for proper selection. You may try out different styles and sizes to see the one that suits you better. You have the Derby, cattleman, and gambler and pinched front variations. These and other modern interpretations will help you grab the best appearance. 

The design of cowboy hats got modified over time ever since its inception in the 19th century. You have every reason to pick your favorite hat with every detail that helps you set the trend. If you think about felt hats, they are dressier and more attractive.

On the other hand, straw hats are appropriate for regular use. It would help if you discovered headwear that does not make you feel overwhelmed rather than compliments your attire. Your face shape and head size are significant factors to calculate before selecting a hat.

Avoid the naysayers

It’s better not to ask others whether you must buy a cowboy hat or not. People I’ve different opinions. Hence, it will only add to your perplexity and confusion. All individuals do not have the same taste. Thus, they may be wrong. The only advice you require comes from experts. These individuals have styling experience and are the right persons to guide you in this process. A cowboy hat is a correct reflection of your rugged look, confidence, and personality. If you want to go over the top, you must experiment with different styles and sizes.

Start with fashion fundamentals

Before selecting any headwear, you must understand the basics. When wearing cowboy hats, it’s better not to wear them backward. Many headwear come with a slight bow placed on the inside lining. You must ensure that the bow gets placed at the back of the head and the narrow part comes in front. The low point of the headwear must be at the back, while the high end is correctly fitted at the front. These are some essential areas you must be cautious of and not compromise on hat etiquette.

Play with different hat angles

The same is the case with cowboy hats. Every brim has a unique language of its own. The way you play with the bill says a lot about your personality and what you want to communicate. If you keep the brim at a level, it indicates that you are simple. Tipping the hat on one side shows others that you have a personality hinting at mystery. You may take the cowboy hat on one side to show confidence, but you must be careful. It’s better not to push the brim too far as that will make you appear very friendly.

Dress appropriately for every occasion

When playing with western wear, it’s better not to overdo the look. Select every element of your outfit that establishes a relation with the hat. It’s better to select a plain white shirt that goes well with a classic cowboy hat. If you are interested in boots, it’s better not to go for the glamorous ones. 

Plains, solids, sweaters, and flannels look neutral below the hat. For a bit dressier outings, you may wear the American men’s cowboy hats with a three-piece suit for a pro athletic look. It will add glamour to your appearance and make you look distinct in the crowd. If you want to pair your cowboy hat with jeans, the only option is straight-legged pants. Try not to go for too many details because that will distract the attention. When wearing jeans, you must avoid the following:

  • Flares
  • Skinny leg
  • Lowriders
  • Cuffs
  • Stonewash
  • Bleach stains

Anticipate a few style restraints

When getting ready for an occasion, always keep your accessories minimal. Remember that less is more, and you must keep that attitude. Pull it back if you feel that the ensemble makes you look overdone. Wear a single western-inspired item that grabs all the attention. You must be cautious of a few fashion don’ts if you are a first-timer with cowboy hats.

These are a few do’s and don’ts you must keep in mind if you want to create a statement style.

You may not have to match appearance, but a contrast will do the job. You must have clarity about what you wish to achieve, which will help you properly select the headwear. You may look at style icons and draw inspiration from them in this era of digital togetherness. If you want to play with the natural appeal of a cowboy hat, you are most welcome.

You need to invoke tradition and balance it with a western charm. 

When you pay attention to specific etiquette, it speaks tons about your personality and manners. Gone are the days when people used to stick to one fashion accessory. You may play with many at a time now. Try grabbing the help of the internet for styling ideas. Also, use your judgment and select a cowboy hat that fits the occasion and suits your budget. Too many accessories will kill your look. Rather stay minimalist but trendy to pull attention. Hats go with different events, but you need to pick them as per the occasion.


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