Review of Huawei P50 Pocket Premium Gold



Huawei launches its smartphone with a folding style. The Huawei P50 pocket is the answer to the Samsung Galaxy Z fold-three. These are the 2 smartphones that closely resemble one another.

The Huawei P50 Pocket could be a charming and novelty style. There are some new options that were introduced by Huawei. the camera result’s inferior to this P50 Pocket.

Huawei introduced their totally different smartphones. they’re attending to update their totally different product from time to time. though there’s no accessibility of Google app store on their smartphone.Due to the restrictions of the USA. However, overall Huawei has the simplest smartphone-making company.

Design and show of P50 Pocket

  • it has AN OLED show
  • Folding is half dozen.9 inches, magnitude relation is 21:9

The design of this smartphone is exclusive and superb. it’s shiny and classic. The P50 pocket encompasses a nice sinuous texture.

When you open the flip phone then you may see the particular screen has a fingerprint device. there’s a USB sort C port at the lowest of the phone. The screen refresh rate is 120HZ.

Storage capability

  • Snapdragon 888 GB with Adreno 660 GPU.
  • The RAM is twelve GB
  • Internal Storage is 512 GB

The storage capability is additionally smart. The P50 pocket could be a smart and superb device as involved the Storage capability.

Performance and software package of P50

  • Operating System EMUI a hundred and twenty
  • No Google Play store
  • There is no 5G property

As there’s a restriction from the, therefore, there are not any google play services within the Huawei smartphone. Huawei has its own package EMUI twelve. And for downloading the various apps Huawei uses the Huawei App Gallery.


  • The camera performance is nice
  • Triple Camera
  • One is forty pixels and therefore the alternative is thirty megapixels.

The image quality of this camera is superb. the overall performance of the camera is additionally smart. the colors are vivid and natural. there’s skillfulness within the camera. however, the problem is the edges of the photographs. there’s no zoom-in choice within the camera. The selfie results of the camera are additionally smart.

Battery Life

  • Capacity is 4000mah
  • While enjoying vice battery drains quickly

The battery life is de facto smart. The capability of the battery is 400mah. though after you are enjoying the sport battery drains quickly you’ll play the various sessions of the sport simply.

Price of P50

The price of the Huawei P50 pocket is R 2899.0.


  • It has an oversized, sharp, and inner
  • Good camera performance
  • Unique foldaway style


  • No property of 5G
  • No Google Play service
  • The outer screen is just too tiny

Final Remarks

The Huawei p50 pocket camera is nice and its inner screen is additionally exceptional. The storage capability is additionally smart. Battery life is additionally smart. The foldaway style of the phone is nice. it’s a pointy and distinctive screen.


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