6 Blood Tests You Should Ask Your Doctor To Do

Blood tests are integral to taking care of one’s own body. Blood tests help reveal how the body functions and if there is anything to be worried about. The human blood is the first source of identification for any kind of disease that may affect the body. 

Taking a blood test is the first recommended action by any doctor for any internal problems that may be present. Searching for a ‘diagnostic lab near me’ can help a patient identify the best labs that they may contact to get a blood test done. 

Blood tests are the preliminary test for any health issue in the body. For physical issues such as bone fractures, muscle pain or general body pain, blood tests may not be the indicator but for all other internal issues, blood tests are absolutely necessary. 

Why take a Blood Test?

The human blood travels throughout the body through the arteries and veins and reaches every single cell of the body through the various capillaries. It is the only source of nourishment from the cellular level up until the macro level. 

When a person consumes food, it is broken down, digested and absorbed and transferred as energy to every single cell of the body through the blood. 

Similarly, the waste material that has been released from the cells is also absorbed and sent back via the blood so that it can be excreted from the human system. The same is the case with oxygen, it is passed through the blood, and carbon dioxide is collected by the veins and passed out by the lungs. 

The collection of the waste material from every single cell includes used-up oxygen, any toxins or waste material such as bacteria, viruses or any other germs that may have been present and consumed by the body and passed on via the blood. 

Therefore, taking a blood test is the primary way to determine if there are any infections or issues in the human body. This can be easily done at a diagnostic center near me (the patient).

5 Common Blood Tests 

Doctors recommend blood tests for all kinds of diagnoses of issues. Below are the common types of blood tests that can be taken at a diagnostics lab near me:

1. Blood sugar test

Blood sugar tests are the most common forms of blood tests that are done worldwide and are very important to be monitored for anyone of any age. Today there are more people prone to diabetes no matter the age, and therefore, regular monitoring is advised.

2. Uric Acid Test

High levels of uric acid may cause many bone related and kidney related issues in men and women. This affects many people, and therefore it is best to monitor uric acid and urea levels in the body.

3. TSH

Most women go through abnormal spikes in thyroid hormones, and therefore monitoring TSH is a good way to prevent any hyper or hypo situation.

4. Hemoglobin

Hemoglobin of the iron content is responsible for healthy blood content in the body; therefore, checking the amount of Hb in the body is essential for healthy blood content and good immunity because of the RBC level associated with Hb.

5. Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a major problem in many people beginning from an age bracket of 30 years and plus, and keeping a check on cholesterol is important to avoid any heart issues. 


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