Cancer Screening Guidelines by Age

It is your choice of lifestyle that determines the overall wellness of your body. As a matter of fact, this lifestyle choice determines how susceptible you are to cancer. So, along with the knowledge of the best cancer hospital in Delhi, you should follow the guidelines and recommendations for screening tests for cancer.

These screening tests effectively discover the cancer cells in the body at an early stage. Going through screening tests on a regular basis can give you the chance to find out the ailment at its initial stage and treat it before it starts to spread.

1. Screening tests for the age group between 21 years and 29 years

  • Testing for breast cancer

Women know how their breasts look and feel normally and report if they find out any changes. A screening test can help them to find out if they are at a higher risk for breast cancer.

  • Testing for colon cancer

If you have a family history of colon cancer or genetic disorders, you should go for a screening test at this time. 

  • Testing for cervical cancer

Starting from the age of 25 years to the age of 65, all people with a cervix need to have a primary HPV test at an interval of 5 years. No matter what kind of screening test you have, you need to do it regularly.

2. Screening tests for the age group between 30 and 39 years

Al of the cancer screening tests mentioned above needs to be done in this age group as well on a regular basis.

3. Screening tests for the age group 40 to 49 years

Along with the screening tests for breast cancer, colon cancer, and cervical cancer, there is another type of screening test that should be done in people above 40 years, and that is:

  • Testing for prostate cancer

Men aged 45 years or older may face a higher risk of prostate cancer and need to talk with a doctor to know about the risks and benefits of testing. In this way, they can determine if they want to get tested or not. This includes mostly Afro-American men or those with family members who already have this disease.

4. Screening tests for people between 50 and 64 years

The persons above 50 years need to go through the tests like:

  • Breast cancer testing

Women after the age of 50 years should get mammograms once a year. However, before that, they need to know about the benefits and risks of cancer screening tests.

After the age of 55 years, women need to go through mammograms once every two years. Also, you must check how your breasts feel and look and report to your doctor immediately if you see any changes.

  • Testing for lung cancer

People above 50 need to do early CT scans to find any signs of lung cancer. You should not neglect this if you have a habit of smoking.

  • Cervical cancer testing

As mentioned previously, people of this age should undergo a primary HPV test every five years.

  • Colon cancer testing

You should not neglect or forget to get tested for colon cancer after 45 years of age.

  • Prostate cancer testing

After the age of 50 years, most men have the risk of this cancer. So, you should consult your doctor for screening tests as soon as possible.

5. Screening tests above 65 years

At this stage, you should go through all the cancer screening tests mentioned above; however, if your previous results have been normal, you may not get to do cervical cancer screening tests. All these tests can be helpful if done from a reputed institution like the best cancer hospital in Delhi.

Therefore, following this cancer screening guideline according to age, you can enjoy a healthy and cancer-free life. However, if you need some expert advice, you can contact the best cancer hospital in Delhi. 


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