8 Must-Try Gmail Tips & Tricks For A Smooth Experience

Emailing takes a good chunk of a day for most small or large business owners. What if you could process and manage your emails faster? 

Fortunately, some handy hacks can enhance your team’s productivity and enhance the experience of using Gmail. Continue reading to discover what you can do with your Gmail account. 

Recall an email using Undo Send 

It is a boon to be able to unsend a Gmail message. You must have wished you could unsend an email because of a spelling mistake, or you forgot to attach a few documents. Fortunately, you can recall a message. 

Gmail gives you a small window of time to recall your email after hitting Sent. Activate Undo Send to use this Gmail trick and save yourself from embarrassment. 

Change Gmail to dark mode 

The latest trend is dark mode, and Gmail isn’t falling behind. The dark theme is useful in saving device battery and does not strain your eyes when checking emails in the middle of the night. If you wonder how to change Gmail to dark mode, you have to log in to your Gmail account, click on the gear icon on the top right corner of your screen and choose Themes. Then, click View All and select the Dark Theme. 

Use the Reading Pane to scan through your messages quickly 

It can be a challenging and time-consuming task to browse through your emails. What if you could quickly preview your emails? You can work with the Reading Pane to peruse through emails. You can view the contents of your emails and even respond to them without leaving your Inbox. 

When you enable the Reading Pane, you will get a toggle button to select between a horizontal preview pane, a vertical preview pane, or no preview pane. Select the one you want and interact with your email messages in the preview pane. You can even forward and reply to emails. 

The option for enabling the Reading Pane is found in Settings > Inbox Settings > Reading Pane. 

Use email templates to save time 

If you are exhausted from answering the same questions through email, you can save some time using email templates. Having to repeat yourself can be pretty frustrating. Save yourself the trouble by using Gmail’s Templates feature. Templates enable users to save and re-use emails that they have sent earlier. You can save your precious time and effort by using Templates. Go to Account Settings > click the Advanced tab > enable Templates. Then, when you compose a message, click on the More icon to select the Templates option. You can save your draft as a template. 

Listen to Google Voice Messages 

Want to listen to each voice email message? You can do so with Google Voice Player. If you use both Google Voice and Gmail regularly, this can be convenient for you. But this feature is available to GSuite customers. 

Accept emails from other platforms 

Do you have to manage more than one email account? If you also have a Yahoo or an Outlook email account, this Gmail trick will help to streamline your workflow. 

There’s no need to check each email account separately to look for new messages. You can receive and check emails from other platforms within your Gmail account. 

It is possible to create a unified, single inbox with Gmail where you will receive all your important emails. When responding to the emails, you can select which email address you wish the response to come from. 

Go to Settings > Accounts and Imports tab > Add a mail account under Check mail from other accounts > type your password > Add Account. 

Juggle between multiple Gmail accounts simultaneously 

Do you have multiple Gmail accounts? It is possible to stay logged in to more than one account at once. You don’t need to log out and log back in to check your messages on multiple accounts. 

You need to log in to your first account and click on the profile icon. Select the Add Account button and log into your second Gmail account. While the first Gmail account is in the first tab, the second will open in a new tab. You can easily switch between the tabs to check your messages. 

You can continue the same process to add more Gmail accounts. 

Turn off the Inbox tabs 

Gmail comes with five tabs – Social, Primary, Updates, Promotions, and Forums. If you do not need the Forums or Social tab, you can remove those tabs from your Inbox. Go to Settings > click Inbox > select Categories and remove the tabs you don’t want. 

Summing up

You can save time and become a power user by remembering the Gmail tips mentioned above. 

How many of these were you already using to get the most out of your Gmail account?


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