Great Ideas for Kid-Friendly Christmas Ornaments

If you are a parent of young children and you celebrate Christmas, then you already know that kids love decorating the Christmas tree. Decorating a tree with your kids is also a great way to really enhance those special memories. 

Though when it comes to Christmas ornaments, most people just decorate with lights, fake snow and candy canes. The kids might love putting these things on a tree, but there’s nothing really personal about it.

What if you changed that this Christmas and decided to go with kid-friendly Christmas ornaments? This is a very expansive category that you can really have a lot of fun with. Here are some awesome ideas you can implement this holiday season in order to make this coming Christmas one to truly remember.

A Few Awesome Ideas for Kids’ Christmas Ornaments

1. Kid-Crafted Ornaments

The term “kid-crafted” is incredibly expansive. A lot of parents enjoy performing activities with their children to make ornaments, like stringing popcorn or “loop” cereal on a string and then decorating the tree. This category could also include little ornaments your kids make from Play-Dough or clay. 

Let them be really creative and make whatever they want to hang on a tree. You could also stop by a local craft store and pick up some glue, glitter, little plastic gemstones, or anything else you want, and have your children craft something that’s truly special and unique to them.

It’s one thing to hang a few candy canes from the tree branches, but another to have your kids make ornaments for the tree. These are ornaments that could last a long time, so you can hang them yearly. The sky is truly the limit here.

2. Traditional Ornaments Kids Select

Going with traditional Christmas ornaments can also be very kid-friendly. If you find the right place to shop, you will find a lot of traditional ornaments that appeal to kids. One of the best benefits of going this route is that you know the ornaments will last a long time if you store them properly. 

Unlike a lot of the kid-crafted ideas that might involve cereal and popcorn, traditional ornaments aren’t going to go stale or rot. They’re generally made of plastic, metal and other durable materials.

It can be a really fun activity to shop online for these ornaments with your children. Let them pick out things they like. They’ll love Santa, Rudolph and all the other Christmas-themed ornament ideas that you can choose from. Of course, they’re going to be your little helpers when it’s time to unpack them and hang them on the tree. This is even something that could become a tradition for you and your entire family.

3. Family Photos

An idea that has really been taking off here in recent years is hanging photos from the Christmas tree. Of course, this is much more involved than just hanging up paper printouts or classic photos. Going that route just ends up ruining photos. 

If you were to laminate those photos or have them placed inside little spheres, the photos would last, and you can then choose from a wide range of options. You can go with family photos with everyone included, baby photos of your children, and much more. 

Many families like updating these ornaments every year, and hanging a new family Christmas photo every Christmas. Over the years, you will find that your tree is packed with memory after memory. As your kids grow older, they will appreciate being able to reflect on their younger photos and remember their previous holidays.

In Conclusion

When it comes to Christmas ornaments, one simple web article does not justify just how massive this category is. Anything you can get to hang onto a tree can technically be a Christmas ornament. Whether you’re allowing your kids to craft their own special ornaments, if you want to go the traditional route, or anything in between, this can be a very special and fun time for you and your family.

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